Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Failure is understood, forgiven, and does not disqualify me." from Lessons, Prayers, and Scripture on the Faith Journey by Pete Hammond.

It is hard to recognize weakness in oneself, and to identify areas for improvement, and to still be buoyant and confident. I have realized that I must change my behavior in an area of my life, and it is making me pensive and wary. What happened to my breezy cheerful wry humor? Well, it seems to have been blunted by the disappointment of human failings, both mine and others.

So I'm running back to the Father today, and asking for his righteousness to cover my sorry rags. But even before that, I repent of the sin in my life that has brought me to this point. As Pete Hammond says in the above quote, failure is understood. I see it, I identify it, I don't just feel bad because things have shifted away from mindless habit. But, look! Failure is also forgiven. I can stop groveling and look up at the smiling face of Jesus, who says "my grace is sufficient." I am so thankful for forgiveness as I look around at the broken pieces of my life and my work, which I have clumsily dropped in my effort to keep 6 balls in the air.

And finally, it does not disqualify me. In the Kingdom of God, we are not on the bench just watching the action because we couldn't play ball right. We are still on the field, sweating, kicking, and passing the ball. I am still going to work today with tasks and duties and relationships to be received with gladness.

There is no metaphor that accurately describes this, except God's own Word-- he is our father, and the perfect parent with no blind spots or weaknesses. How can a child or brother or sister be disqualified? How can a son or daughter be put out of the family?

"Come ye, blessed of my Father. Inherit the Kingdom prepared for you."

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