Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blue Believer

It's flattering to know that people around me look for affirmation from me. As my life continues to mature, and the task that I have been given becomes more rich and varied, certain folks I work with look to me for approval.

Let me back up and say that I am a man, age 57, with a music career that has had several stages.

From 1970-1972, I was a college student on a small Christian college campus that was culturally starved. I brought energy and excitement to the campus with musical groups and performances that were edgy and creative by the standards of the time, and I became convinced that music was my career path. After graduation and marriage to my college sweetheart, I embarked on a self-employed vocation of playing, writing, and singing my own songs for audiences that would have me. I made calls and met people who might be interested, and much like a roofer or a contractor, I developed a clientelle based on good work, reliability, and meeting the needs of the customer.

I gotta go now, but I want to finish this thought of how one should respond to the apparent need of those around you desiring your approval or encouragement.

Blue Believer is an album I did in 1988.

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I am a person who is perceived as youthful, although I am in my late 50s. I play and sing music, and it tends to keep me in the culture, like a lot of young people do. I am a "high I" on the DISC Behavioral Test, which means I'm optimistic, enthusiastic, a team player, and I motivate others toward goals. I don't like exercise, but I have a high metabolism, so I don't tend to be overweight at this time in my life! I have recently been doing moderate exercise and physical therapy for a shoulder condition.